How do I advertise an available job position?

To begin just select the Post a Job menu option from the top of the page and fill out your listing. If you haven’t registered for an employer account yet this will be done at the same time. Once you are happy with the preview you will be presented with the opportunity to proceed with the job listing order, currently it is free to advertise a single job for 30 days with no need to enter payment details. If you wish to have your jobs featured you can purchase a package for up to 3 featured jobs, with more details here.

Your job listing then gets reviewed by a human for any issues before we set it live, at which point you will be notified via email.

How much does it cost to advertise a position?

Nothing at present, it is free to advertise a single job for 30 days. For up to date pricing on featured packages see the pricing page.

How do I redeem a coupon code?

If you have a coupon you will be able to add it at checkout but you can advertise a single job for 30 days for free.

Can I manage the application process for my advertised position on

Yes, it’s included, just make sure you enter an email address in the “APPLICATION EMAIL/URL” field when filling out your listing instead of a url. If you place a url (weblink) there instead, then you are choosing to direct all applicants away from our site to that weblink when they click the apply button, so our applicant management feature will not then be available. If using our onsite applicant management tools, you will be alerted to any new applications to the email address you entered, have the ability to view, filter, rate and change the status of applicants at any time, as well as add notes about each of them. We take care of alerting candidates to any changes in their application’s status that you choose to assign (apart from private notes and ranking) and we will also inform them if you mark the role as filled.

Nobody likes to be left in silence after applying, so we take the hard work out of that for you. Of course you can still contact candidates directly too, which we would obviously encourage.

Where do I see the applications to my advertised role?

So long as you have not chosen to divert applicants to your own website when they click the Apply button, then you can access all applications via My Account > Manage Job Listings, then click on the number of applications.

How do I re-list an expired job listing?

Go to My Account > Manage Job Listings, then click on the Relist option for the job.

Can I simply divert applicants to apply through my own website?

If you are happy to handle the application process via your own website and do not need the applicant management tools included with your listing, then add the full url where job seekers can apply instead of an email address in the “APPLICATION EMAIL/URL” field when filling out your listing. This way when they click the Apply button we deliver them directly to your website’s application page.

Can I add screening questions for applicants to complete

Yes, so long as you are handling the applications on SingaporeHires and not having candidates diverted to your own apply page, you can add screening questions when submitting your listing.

Who can I contact if I have a query about my order?

Just send us an email to orders(at) ( replace (at) with @ ) with as much detail as possible and we’ll sort you out as quickly as we can.