How can I apply for an advertised job?

Click on the job your are interested from your search results and then click the ‘Apply for Job’ button. Depending on how the employer had chosen to handle applications, one of two things may happen:

1. A pop up will appear asking you to add your details and upload or include your online resume. It may also include some screening questions to answer set by the employer.

2. You will be directed to the employer’s external website to undertake their application process on there.

Do I need to register/login to apply?

Not for every position, it depends how the employer has chosen to manage their application process but it is free to do so and also gives you access to other tools like matching job alerts via email.

Will I get updates about how my application is progressing?

Being left in silence after applying for a job is deemed as acceptable by many sub-standard employers, frankly we think it’s not the way to treat people willing to work for them and with today’s technology it is inexcusable. So we have made it extremely easy for employers to change the status of your application as it progresses and when they do you will receive an email alert about it. Even if they don’t alter your status we will send you an email if you have applied to a position and the recruiter marks it as filled so you can move onto the next.

However, we can only do these things if the employer is handling the application process through our website and not their own, which you will know when you click ‘Apply for Job’ should you be diverted away to apply on their site instead.

Can I upload a resume/cv for free?

Absolutely, in fact you can store up to six versions of your resume at any one time.

Who can see my resumes?

You can either hide or publish your resume, if published it may be seen and searched by qualified registered employers and they will be able to contact you about it too. When logged in, simply go to My Account > Candidate Dashboard and toggle ‘hide’ or ‘publish’ next to your resume.

Can I delete my resumes?

Yes. Go to My Account > Candidate Dashboard when logged in and click delete. You will not be able to store more than six resumes at one time so you may need to delete one anyway, to make room for a more recent version.

Can I get emailed jobs matching my chosen keywords?

Yes. From the top menu go to My Account > Job Alerts and set your preferences. We only send alerts about new matching jobs, if there’s no new match we won’t email you repeats.